Benefits of working with us

Over 7 years on the market

We’ve been working on IT market for over 7 years and have accumulated significant experience in development of both our own and external projects.


Cost efficient IT

Proficient IT outsourcing allows to cut the expenses on developers, designers, managers and equipment.


Integrated task solution

We approach external projects with the same diligence as our own. All tasks are completed on schedule with the best performance levels.


Development techniques aligned with your business needs

Sales growth and profitability of your business is our objective. We offer expert knowledge in e-commerce project planning focused on financial performance.


Our goal is to develop a profitable competitive product for you

We have a long successful history of developing projects that secure a profit at minimum maintenance cost.


International team
of skilled

Extensive knowledge in developing high load systems for e-commerce and our team’s practical experience allow us to cope with any challenges.


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Pricing Table


Starting from 12500$



Starting from 12500$

Min. 12500$ per project average of 480 hours per team.
The project will be fulfilled by PM, Team Lead Programmer, UI Designer.

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UI Design

Starting from 4000$


UI Design

Starting from 4000$

Min. 4000$ per project.
The project will be fulfilled by PM, UI Designer.

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Server administration

Starting from 1000$


Server administration

Starting from 1000$

Min. 1000$ per month. UNIX, WinServer administration. The service includes a minimum of 20 work hours per month.

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Thank you for contacting us

We will gladly answer any of your questions. We are available 24x7. Please allow us some time to get back to you.


Heusingerstrasse 12-16,
12107 Berlin, Germany


+49 307 400-41-11

Project manager

Akatkin Nikolay
+7 929 008-72-43